Our Services

We offer a variety of high quality ICT service(s) through a combination of offshore and onsite delivery model. This ensures complete optimization of associated project execution time and cost.  JOVATECH specializes in ICT consultancy/engineering, fire detection and prevention system, Structured Cabling, Electrical Installation, INTERNET solution, web solution, security monitoring service using watchdog and USSS code of service, software / web development using Visual Inter  Dev, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, ASPX, CGI, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, IIS 4, HTML, DHTML, 3D MAX, MAYA, Java script and VB Script.

Our Specialization

We are totally dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction so much that our friendly and helpful support service receives a basic salary and commission on top based on their clients’ satisfaction ratio. Our staffs are not remunerated by extra sales, only by keeping our valued clients’ happy. This environment ensures that our staffs always try their hardest best for our clients’ on every occasion. Every client enjoys unlimited support via email, and as we have clients’ from virtually every area, our clients’ support services is opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you really wanted too, you could receive support at 23:59 on New Year’s Eve. Our customers don’t just receive unbeatable technical support, but they also benefit from free maintenance support. We are currently the only company that we are aware of that offers such a service. Our free client support desk provides our clients with direct access to professional maintainers who can assist them real time and fix any problem they are having. If they prefer, the administrator or consultant can show them what they need to do so that they can act next time.
ICT Consultancy/Engineering Service

Information & Communication Technology engineering and consulting

Computer Engineering

Computer Maintenance / Repairs, Sales, Supply and Installation, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, HP, Compaq Computer Representatives.

JOVATECH Security Fetures

1. Know what/how you need to monitor your environment
2.Know what security update is in the market
3.Know how to stay safe with security threat
4. Know where/how to hide your jewelry and personal weapons
5. Computerized Secret cameras for high-level security
6. Protect yourself with pepper spray or stun guns

3D Graphics Analysis/Designing

Animation designs, Animation Advertising Simulation, Animation of architectural designs for any, premises introduction and guidance, Animation presentation for company AGM,


P.A.B.X (Mini Exchange) intercom, Long/short range radio communicators with I.E.M, Wireless facility perimeter radio communication with I.E.M, Multi-Site VoIP Intercom, VPN support for mobile phones, Encrypted Digital Communication Call Centers, GSM base station / repeaters.

VSAT / iNTERNET Solution

KU-Band / C-Band supply, installation and maintenance, Wireless Antenna (CPE & AP), Broadband Connectivity with fibre deployment, Wireless Networking systems, VoIP / VPN on the move mobile communication systems, Fibre Networking.

Access Control System / CCTV

Keep a log of your office doors entrance, Don’t trust your doors with just any key; use I-CLIQ, Personalized I-Cliq key one person per key for all doors in your office, Restrict unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas, Know who and when a staff went in or out of your office or a restricted area, Know and see how many times your employee was out of the office premises, Automatic Gate Opener, Electric Fencing, Open doors with your customized ID cards, Motion Light Detectors and Motion, Surveillance Cameras, Motion Censor cameras can call on you when it detects motion in your absence.

Track + Trace Server

We can Track + Trace anything (GSM Mobile Phones, Pets, Humans e.t.c)

Electrical Engineering

Design and Implementation, Surface / Conduit Wiring Installation, Structured Cabling for power, backup and data plus others.

Web Solutions

Domain Name Registration. Web Hosting / Webmail, Static Corporate / Business Organization Website, Dynamic Corporate / Business Organization Website, Site Optimization, Search Engine Submission / Advertisement, Corporate Internet / Intranet Mail (Exchange Server), Microsoft365 Cloud Computing / Mail Server.

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